Eurokracy 2016

The crew decided to head out to Montreal for Eurokracy, Canada's largest euro show. This year the show was split up between two days. We arrived on Friday afternoon and quickly setup our tent in the hotel parking lot. As the day progressed the parking lot filled and everyone was having a good time. We headed out to ICAR on Saturday for the actual show. What a big venue! I snapped a bunch of pictures. I wish I would have snapped more but I was too busy staring at some of the unreal builds.


Audi S4

We finished up this car a few weeks ago. Unfortunately I lost some of the pics in a memory card incident. It's a fairly basic setup with the tank directly behind the seats. You can see in the last pic that the compressors are mounted in the spare wheel well leaving the trunk available for grocery duties.


Drews 1990 BMW E30

As some already know Drew recently sold his black E30. He was quickly on the hunt for a new one and came across this very clean British racing green two door. After some talks with the owner and a little road trip it was home at Chopshop.

With a little bit of TLC this car is going to turn heads!

Expect some pics at a later date after Drew gets working on this beauty. New wheels, spoiler, air ride and some love for the V8. Yes I said V8!


2012 Audi TT RS

Fair warning, the pics aren't the greatest. I just happened to be at the shop when this car showed up and shot some quick pics for now. There will definitely be some better shots in the future once this car is on it's new shoes.

Dual wrapped tanks, dual compressors and some hardlines make this car stand out!



Lexus IS350

One of the new things we'll be doing is uploading new pics of installs we do at the shop. We're gonna start with this beautiful Lexus IS350.

The owner Michael (IG:MMICHAELLIS ) chose to go with a basic install but as you can see, there's nothing basic about Chopshop installs.


Well where to start?....

Well where to start?... There's been lots of exciting things happening over here at Chopshop. Mooner finally got me access to the site so I can start doing some regular updates and getting a lot of pics up. 

Kevin has been hard at work doing airride installs. We'll be uploading some pics once we get them organized and edited. He's been doing some INSANE hardline setups and they only get better and better as he goes. With Mike's help he has been hard at work on the R32 turbo/motor install. He's got himself on a tight deadline to get it finished for Eurokracy!

I have my truck torn down and have been working on getting the wiring, interior and airride setup installed. We also put a huge notch and 4 link set up on the rear. Lots of pics of that coming soon!

That's it for now! Once I have these pics sorted out I'll get them up. We'll also be putting up some product photos and hopefully some show photos soon as well!


Pre-Order Your New Chopshop Shirt

In our circle of friends we have all been affected by cancer in some way or another, the newest case for us being little Keaton Reid. Keaton is only 2 years old and she's battling leukemia. We would like to do something nice for this little girl, so all of the proceeds from these shirts will be going to her.

The shirts will only be made to order, so if you want one, show me the money!

$25 a shirt, or if you can spare more for a good cause, please feel free to do so!!

Visit the store pre-order


Big Changes Part 1

In the past week Chopshop has gone through some drastic changes, in a spur of the moment Kevin acquired a paint booth. With not much room in the shop we need to move some stuff around. That will be later thought. First thing we needed to do was go on a wild adventure and get the paint booth.

Kevin, Drew and myself loaded into the van and headed North. We thought this would be a breeze, drive up was.

Venturing into hick-ville or its proper name Hepworth. Already starting to snow we had to load up the paint booth on the trailer panel by panel. Not a fun task in a blizzard. Took us about an hour to load everything up. Gassed up before heading back to the shop

Heading back out on the road was another task in it self. The blizzard was not letting up and driving a van with a trailer load to the tits was not an easy task.

Finally made it back to the shop safe and sound. Now just to start assembling the booth.....

and a random shot of Drew's BMW


Chopshop Skid plates back in stock!

Kevin has been hard at work on the coupe, but has still managed to re-stock Chopshop Skid plates. Spring is just around the corner so get a set while they are still available. Contact Kevin for more info


Happy New Year

So another year is hours away from being behind us. It was a good year at CHOPSHOP! But 2013 will be even better. With lots of happening over the winter with Kevin's AWD Coupe, Neils bagged MK4 and Drew's BMW. Hopefully CHOPSHOP will be out in full force for the 2013 season.

Last time I updated the blog I had promised to update it more often, well that was a huge fail. I have however acquired a camera so I have no excuse. With that said here is a quick update of what is going on around the shop.

Neil's MK4 is starting to get some lover again, back on all 4 and looking mean as fuck.

Kevin's AWD coupe has been blowing up Facebook and Vortex. Unfortunately when I went out to the shop the car was disassembled and on the hoist. Still managed to get a couple shots of its current state.

Motor and bay on the car is looking good, can't wait till this thing sees a paint booth

Drew's BMW hasn't really been touched since last season, but things are looking up for it. New set of shoes for it and hopefully a new motor soon.

Last but not least, my civic. I finally was able to enjoy it for a bit of the season. No plans for anything major over the winter just basic repairs.

Until next time. Happy New Year from all of us at CHOPSHOP, have a safe new year and see you all in spring


Chopshop Welcomes Accuair, AirLift & TMTuning

CHOPSHOP is super excited to welcome Accuair, Airlift and TMtuning to the family.  If your looking for great deals on an air ride system or looking for those MINT RARE OEM parts just email kevin@chopshoponline.ca for all the goodies you have been looking for!


Hibernating for Winter!

So it be a rather long time since anyone has posted anything on the blog. I figured since it's winter (if you want to call it that), I would shed some light on what has been going down at Chopshop!

Since winter is upon us all of the car at Chopshop! are under the knife. Some are going full out on their cars, as where some of us are just doing minor changes and tying up loose ends. Chopshop is going to be out in full force this year and I am stoked for the season to see what unfolds. 

Kevin has been working hard at what will be in my eye on of the craziest builds. He is not cutting any corners and not sparing any expense. What started out as a motor build / exterior refresh has now gone full rebuild.


Quickly became this

Neil has also been busy working on both his gems! The MK3 was finished just in time for Waterfest and the MK4 was victim too some unfortunate events. This gave Neil the chance to change up the look of the MK4

Adding Air and a new set of wheels. Sadly the MK3 is tucked away for the time being, but changes are in the works

As for me, even though the car was only out a short period of time. I decided to go back under the knife with. Currently as it sits the motor has been pulled and engine bay shaving has start once again.

All dirty not being worked on, then I got some motivation

Motor is out and parts are on order

Hopefully this brings you up to speed somewhat as to what is going on at the shop. Sorry for it being rather long, future blog post will be short, sweet and more frequent.


Great ending to a LONG story...

Andrew/ Mooner/ Moon man/ or after thinking about all the little things that went into getting this little jem getting finished the JDM Baller!  This Car has been a project in the making since he picked it up.  The car has been hiding in the Chopshop for the last couple summers getting one hell of a facelift.  What started out as a shaved bay and a simple respray, changed up large when the Wide BBS's and crazy offset where thrown in the mix.  Turning this project into a widebody custom with loads of extras, including one of my favorites the JDM parking pole moved to the Passenger side of this LEFT hand drive.  It made its way out to the streets this past summer, so this update is a little long over due......


The Journey to Waterfest 17

Well, it's been a crazy couple of weeks (and especially the last one) leading up to Waterfest 17. After a ton of time and work on getting Neil's (or Katie's) MK3 ready for the drive and show, it paid off in the end with getting a Eurotuner feature!

So, on Friday the 15th, as I (Josh) was at home sleeping and preparing for the trip, the guys were still at the shop working on the MK3 and I believe at around 5am, they finished. Time for a test drive? Sure...a 10 hour test drive. They left the shop, met up with the rest of us and off we went on our journey to Englishtown. About 4 hours into our trip, we pulled over and somebody noticed that the tires looked a little 'shredded'. Upon closer inspection, it was true. Tires that were never driven on and brand new only 5 hours earlier, were now on their last breathe. Thanks to Garmin, we found a shop in a nearby town, begged them for a speedy alignment and they obliged. This was obstacle #1.

Everything seemed to be going fine until we were approximately 80km from our hotel. We pulled over b/c Kevin's dark shark was feeling a little wonky, only to find out that his drive shaft is now nearing its very end. Being optimistic, we just hoped it would hold until we reached the hotel if we drove slowly. Feeling like we were almost there, it decided to give out with 13km left to our hotel. We pushed it off to the side, and Mooner and I raced off to the closest Walmart to pick up a tow rope. When we returned, the MKV on air ride seemed to be the most likely candidate for towing another vehicle, so we all gathered back into our cars, screwed in the tow hook to the MKV, strapped in, aired up and we were off. 

I don't think the local traffic was too happy with us as we barely made it out of first gear, then we had to go through downtown, around a detour (of course), onto the NJ turnpike and we finally pulled into the hotel to a warm welcome of cameras. An epic entrance to Waterfest 17.



Air seems to be all the rage these days. For MKV's, it's almost 'normal' to roll up to a show or gtg and air down. Well there isn't really anybody on the west end of the GTA that deals with air ride directly... until now. If you're interested in bagging your car, we can bring you the latest and greatest from AirLift. The installs are where it's at though. Anybody can buy a kit, and sure, you can buy from us, but if you have a kit and want it installed, let us know.

For more information, get in touch with Kevin (Kevin@chopshoponline.ca)

Some kit options from AirLift:

Here are 2 examples of recent installs:


Springfling 2011

The season has officially started up here in the 'great white north'! Every year, Springfling is the official 'season opener' and everybody seems to work hard to get their cars ready for this one. For some of us, it meant two late nights the nights before as we finished up the last minute minor touches (for kevin that means a whole paint job). We made it and had a blast; perfect weather, tons of cars, brews...great day!

Here are a few pics we've found floating around:


Chopshop shirts are in

Well after a long wait, the first batch of Chopshop shirts are finally here and they're only $20! Get in touch with any of the crew to make sure you get ahold of one before they're gone!


Chopshop iPhone Wallpapers

Getting tired of the plain images and backgrounds on your iPhone? Well here are a few to help spruce up the look of your iPhone in true 'Chopshop' style. Just go to this link on your iPhone, select an image (which will open in a new window), tap on the image and save it to your iPhone. Then go to it in your photo library and set as wallpaper.


Get your Chopshop skidplates!

Everyone knows what a pain in the @$$ it is to keep paint on your GLI lip once you lower it, and if your low enough you know how expensive it can get to replace broken lips. These skid plates have been saving paint and lips for a while now and they look great while doing it. If you're putting them on for a specific purpose or just for looks, it's a great & easy mod that keeps the pennies in your pocket.

Just email me at kevin@chopshoponline.ca to order yours!


Moved In

Finally we have moved into a proper shop and things are looking up! We've got a hoist and a proper welder, so we're off to a good start; not to mention it's a hell of a lot closer then Brantford. Couple things that will be missed though are good looking neighbours and admirals!! Guess were going to have to settle for butter tarts and field parties! 

Stay tuned for more updates and pics of new shop!!